Sounds of
Red Bull

'Sounds of Red Bull' is the music catalogue that I innovated for everyone's favourite energy drinks giant! I was the spearhead of every creative and musical step of it's creation from initial concepts and creative direction through composer negotiations, supervision, composition, mixing and securing a dedicated mastering studio. All this (suprisingly!) on a budget and timescale that was a bare fraction of industry standard. 

I'm extremely proud of the product and it's achievements, 5.2 Billion hits is a lot of eyeballs!


I've performed hundreds of separate music supervisions focusing exclusively on creative direction rather than rights procurement, here are some of my favourites!

BC One Breaks Project:

I masterminded a session of breakbeat recording on a custom retro-drum kit in the Casino Baugarten studio in Vienna for the BCone breakdance event.

BCone music producers are addicted to retro beats, and I wanted to give them a sound directly from the source but played by modern drummers in a classic setting. I selected the drums, tuned the kit, supervised the technical side and worked closely with the drummers take-by-take.

I then produced and re-mixed some of the resulting tracks that were then released on the BCone 2015 Sounds of Red Bull Vinyl release (you can hear some of that work in the 'composition' section of this site):

The Red Bull BC One Beats Project - BC1 Drums


I provided creative music supervision support on the amazing feature film 'DxM', which will be coming out in 2017

DxM on IMDb

Extreme Sports: 

I've provided creative music supervision support in the form or replacing commercial tracks with pre-cleared catalogue tracks on countless Extreme Sports products. Here's one example, the inspiring 'Shades of Winter' film from snowboard legend Sandra Lahnsteiner. 

Visit the Shades Of Winter Homepage



One of the things about my work that I most enjoy is the opportunity to find developing, struggling or otherwise unknown composers and give them a chance to use their music to bring global content to life. Here's a couple of composers I've worked with that I'm particularly proud of. 

Ben Fowler

I found Ben through a pitching platform and he quickly showed himself to be an amazing young composer with a perfect attitude and a quick and prescient understanding of the musical needs of anything from a small webclip to a global Brand. I worked with him on structure, emotive communication and detailed technical aspects of individual submissions, and I'm extremely proud of his development into one of the most promising composers in the UK scene.

Visit Ben Fowlers Page on Red Bull Music Publishing

Posthouse Tuomi

Finnish orchestral-metal experts Posthouse Tuomi (consisting of Tuomas Pitkänen and Mika Hamed) were another proud discovery of mine. As opposed to Ben Fowler, who produced an eclectic array of music over several different genres, PHT throw all their weight into one, big, huge sound. So the foundation of their supervision and creative direction was to find fresh and subtle ways of altering their sound without compromising the overall presentation. 

Visit Posthouse Tuomis Homepage